The rotunda at Mariner's wharf The rotunda at Mariner's wharf

The rotunda

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If you look for it, you’ll probably miss the rotunda. I know I did. Several times in fact. It’s hidden between moored boats, boats often filled with laughing, loudly talking fishermen. But it’s there, if you take your time and see past the visual chaos of masts, brightly coloured boats, larger-than-life fishermen and fences and gates.

 Seeing beyond what’s there
The rotunda at Mariner's wharf

The rotunda at Mariner’s wharf

It’s there but you have to look for it, look for the image in the busy chaos.

At first I noticed it and passed it by, drawn to the noise and colour around me. Yet I kept coming back to it, looking for the image that may be there … too many masts, a too-bright background (even in the early morning light) … far too much distraction.

And just as I was about to give up, I looked down … the rotunda reflected back at me and the picture was mine.

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